Applications of Generative AI 

Interactive Instructor-led Webinar 

Saturday February 24, 2024 10 - 11 am Pacific Time

Join us for an enlightening one-hour webinar titled "Applications of Generative AI," tailored for a diverse audience including students, senior citizens, and working professionals. This virtual instructor-led session is designed to deepen your understanding and broaden your perspective on this groundbreaking field.

We'll begin by demystifying what generative AI is, introducing its basic concepts and the underlying technology that powers it. This will lay a foundation for understanding its various applications and impacts.

Our journey will then lead us into exploring Generative AI Solution Patterns, where we'll delve into the methods and models that drive AI's creative and analytical capabilities.

Consumer Applications of generative AI will be our next focus, where we'll demonstrate how this technology is revolutionizing everyday life.

Business Applications will also be examined, highlighting how generative AI is transforming industries by automating processes, fostering innovation, and driving efficient decision-making.

The Benefits of Generative AI will be discussed, emphasizing its potential to solve complex problems, enhance productivity, and foster creativity in numerous fields.

Lastly, we will address the Risks and Challenges associated with generative AI.

This webinar promises to be an engaging and informative session, offering valuable insights regardless of your current level of understanding of generative AI.

Graph AI – Concepts to Implementation 

Strategize solution of your Graph AI use cases 

Saturday May 18, 2024 10 - 11 am Pacific Time

You see the potential of graph in your organization but do your stakeholders share the excitement.  We can help you define Graph AI  in a simple business friendly language.  Also Graph AI can be developed at different levels of maturity.  When you view an implementation of Graph AI, how do you measure the level of sophistication, and how do you differentiate a good implementation from a poor one.  From our experience, the difference between a level 1 and a level 5 implementation can be in many orders of magnitude in their ability to give you benefits, so it is important to understand what is a good Graph AI solution for your chosen use case.

With decades of experience in building Graph AI solutions, we bring valuable assets to fast track your Graph AI use case selection and development process. This session will illustrate this selection process using numerous case studies in different industries.  We will also prototype chosen assignment use case.

AI for Business - Concept to Implementation

AI to Improve Professional Excellence

Saturday June 5, 2021 12 noon - 3 pm Pacific Time

Webinar Overview

How are business professionals using AI to improve professional excellence? This webinar uses a series of practical examples, case study and interactive expert discussions to discuss the growing of AI in Business and Finance. We hope you will get a good introduction and an idea you can put to immediate use.

This workshop is designed for professionals with interest in learning how to add AI to their applications – analysts, architects and project managers.   This is not a coding course.  

In this webinar, we will give you an overview of Business use cases and discuss their solution design and implementation issues.