Course Overview

Welcome to the "Build Conversational AI using GPT-4" course, presented by the Applied AI Institute. This course offers a deep dive into the world of Conversational and Generative AI, with a special focus on the advanced capabilities of GPT-4. As Conversational AI becomes increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, from home assistants to customer service chatbots, the need for sophisticated AI solutions is more critical than ever, especially in the era of enhanced online engagement post-Covid-19.

Course Overview:

  • Understanding Conversational AI: Explore the fundamentals and current applications of Conversational AI in various settings.
  • Generative AI Concepts: Delve into Generative AI terms including Prompt Engineering, Large Language Models, Embedding, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), and the importance of Test and Iterate cycles.
  • Leveraging GPT-4: Gain in-depth knowledge of GPT-4, its capabilities, and how it revolutionizes conversational interfaces.
  • Developing AI Solutions: Learn to define and build advanced Conversational AI solutions using ChatGPT, going beyond simple messaging.
  • Practical Applications: Understand how to apply these technologies in real-world scenarios, enhancing customer interactions and engagement.

This course is designed for individuals looking to harness the latest advancements in AI to create interactive and intuitive conversational experiences. Whether you are a professional aiming to integrate AI into your business strategy or an enthusiast curious about AI's potential, this course will equip you with the essential knowledge and practical insights.

Join us in exploring the transformative world of Conversational AI using GPT-4, where we blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications to prepare you for the future of AI-driven communication.

Course Objectives

Enhance your expertise in Conversational AI with well-defined course objectives. This course is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding and practical skills in developing ChatGPT-based solutions:

  • Conversational AI Foundations: Gain a deep understanding of the technologies and components essential for a ChatGPT-based solution.
  • Exploring ChatGPT's Capabilities: Delve into ChatGPT's full potential, including natural language understanding and response generation, to grasp its capabilities in conversational AI.
  • Augmenting ChatGPT: Learn how to enhance ChatGPT with other AI and non-AI technologies, creating more robust and adaptive solutions tailored to user needs.
  • Designing User-Centric Use Cases: Apply your knowledge to design engaging end-user applications using ChatGPT, focusing on real-world scenarios.
  • Guided Next Steps: Receive expert recommendations for further learning and exploration in the field of Conversational AI.

Our course content is meticulously tailored to ensure participants not only understand the fundamentals but also excel in applying ChatGPT in various Conversational AI contexts. Join us to embark on an insightful journey into the evolving world of AI communication.

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