Course Overview

Elevate your online customer engagement in the post-Covid-19 era with our "Introduction to Conversational AI" course. As customer preferences shift from static web pages to dynamic messaging interfaces, it's time to redefine your digital interaction strategy. This course helps you understand the complexities of conversational systems and the essential components needed for a successful Conversational AI engagement, whether with customers, suppliers, or employees.

Upon completing this course, you will:

  • Gain insights into various levels of conversational complexity and how they enhance customer engagement.
  • Acquire knowledge to identify and define the critical components of a Conversational AI solution.
  • Learn to design a conversational experience that transcends traditional systems.

To ensure a deep understanding, the course includes interactive quizzes. Join us to master Conversational AI and transform your online presence.

Neena Sathi

Neena Sathi is a principal at Applied AI Institute.  She has 30+ years of experience envisioning, designing, developing and implementing AI solutions associated with enhancing customer experience, back office automation and risk and compliance for many Fortune 100 organizations. She has worked as Director of AI Technologies at Carnegie Group, Inc, an AI startup, Accenture, KPMG, and IBM.

Neena has three masters degrees including MBA from leading US universities.  She is Master certified integration architect from IBM and Open Group as well as certified Project management professional (PMP) from Project management institute. She is also certified in many Cloud and Cognitive technologies. She has widely presented and published many papers in AAAI, IEEE, WCF, ECF, IBM Information on Demand, IBM Insight, World of Watson, IBM Developer Works and various academic journals.

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Learning Through Videos

Videos provide you concepts and examples associated with Conversational AI

Interactive Knowledge Checks

As you learn a concept, test your understanding using Interactive Knowledge Checks or quizzes

Final Examination Quiz

We will conduct a final examination to test your knowledge on overall concepts and knowledge associated with Conversational AI