Graph AI Solution with Capstone Project

Course Overview

This is a course that will enable you to build your first Knowledge Graph using TigerGraph. This course will provide you with detailed instructions of developing a Graph solution for Movie search.  Then your project assignment will encourage you to apply your learning to a second use case using Crunchbase information.  The experience gained here can be used to design and build Graph Insights engagement with your customers, suppliers and employees. 

Graph Example

You are interested in watching a movie but do not remember the exact name. The movie Knowledge Base which you will develop in this course will let you find a movie using movie titles, cast, keyword search in movie overview and genre. It will help you create custom queries you can use next time you are in the mood for a movie.

Expected Outcomes

  • Articulate knowledge graph use case
  • Gain Knowledge to design Knowledge  Graph solution components
  • Design / extract data from Knowledge Graph data sources
  • Design / Build key knowledge graph solution components and analytics 
  • Prototype a graph analytics experience

Neena Sathi

Neena Sathi is a principal at Applied AI Institute.  She has 30+ years of experience envisioning, designing, developing and implementing AI solutions associated with enhancing customer experience, back office automation and risk and compliance for many Fortune 100 organizations. She has worked as Director of AI Technologies at Carnegie Group, Inc, an AI startup, Accenture, KPMG, and IBM.

Neena has three masters degrees including MBA from leading US universities.  She is Master certified integration architect from IBM and Open Group as well as certified Project management professional (PMP) from Project management institute. She is also certified in many Cloud and Cognitive technologies. She has widely presented and published many papers in AAAI, IEEE, WCF, ECF, IBM Information on Demand, IBM Insight, World of Watson, IBM Developer Works and various academic journals.

Dr. Arvind Sathi

Dr. Arvind Sathi received his Ph.D from Carnegie Mellon under Herb Simon, who is considered to be the father of AI.  He worked at Carnegie Group, an AI startup from Carnegie Mellon University and then moved to KPMG to develop AI systems in Accounting, Telecom, and Media industries.  He has traveled globally and deployed AI applications in US, India, Australia and Europe. 

He has published 4 books in AI and Analytics related topics which are available through Amazon.  He teaches AI courses at graduate level at University of California, Irvine and have 3 patents

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Build Knowledge Graph solutions instructor led course

Learning through Videos

Videos provide you concepts, examples and solution components associated with building a Knowledge Graph solution

Interactive Quiz

As you learn a concept, test your knowledge using interactive quizzes

Hands-on exercises and Homework Assignment

We will assist you design and build a Knowledge Graph solution step by step using a real life use case